Impact of volcano eruptions on environment

          Volcanoes can have very serious effects on the environment around them when they erupt.  Buildings are destroyed and people are made homeless.  People are killed.  Clouds of ash cover plants making them inedible.   Dust causes pneumonia and illnesses to the survivors.   Dark skies, severe winds and heavy rains may follow an eruption for months afterwards. 

          Volcanic gases have many impacts on climate, environment and people.  Volcanologists and scientists have been conducting research and studies to understand the changes in environment due to volcanic eruptions.  Carbon dioxide causes global warming while sulphur dioxide can cause global cooling.  There is air pollution due to these gas mixtures.

          Explosive volcanic eruptions have a big impact on land, water and air.  Houses, roads, trees and forests are damaged and destroyed.  Eruption of Mount Vesuvius had destroyed the cities of Pompeii and Herculenum.  Eruptions force people to abandon their land and homes.  People living far away also get affected as the crops, industries, electricity, roads are destroyed.

          Lava destroys the land and it can take generations for the land to be fertile.